THE STYLE 100% cotton for the whole family

La Cotonnière is a unique choice of 100% cotton clothing for the whole family. Our brand designs exclusively and entirely 100% cotton clothing for women, men and children.

QUALITY CLOTHING at the best prices 

Our cotton is an exceptional raw material that will guarantee you high quality clothes. Our desire is to offer resistant clothing, which will last you several years but which is also accessible to all.

Thus, we make every effort to offer you the best value for money.


Inspired by the sunny lifestyle of the Côte d'Azur, holidays, our brand is available on summer ready-to-wear. Ideal for summer, as for spring, our products will guarantee you well-being, comfort and optimal lightness.

CLOTHES in summer colors

Our favorite color is white, a color that we love to wear in the summer and that you will find on all our models. Our collections are also recognizable thanks to its variation of blue, denim and azure colors. Summer colors, inspired by the sea, holidays and the Côte d'Azur. Each year a touch of fantasy is also brought to our models with a new cheerful and fresh print.

Our collections with their summer colors will brighten up your summers!

TIMELESS collections

Our desire has always been to offer timeless and timeless clothing. The quality of our cotton plays an essential role in providing sustainable clothing.

Our models are also designed to be trendy for several years (thanks to a universal style).


We make our collections with a wide choice of sizes (from 6 months to size 56) in order to make them accessible to everyone and to all body types.

All our models are made with a perfect cut finish and designed to sublimate and highlight all silhouettes.

Many of our models are fitted and manufactured with an extension band allowing a perfect fit.

PRIORITY TO comfort and well-being

We have always favored comfort, it is our key word during creation. Our main objective is to offer comfortable and pleasant clothes to wear. Thanks to our fabrics, our cuts and our extension bands, all our clothes will provide you with ease in all circumstances and optimal comfort. Our cotton will delight your skin thanks to its many benefits and will bring you lightness. All this combined, all our clothes will guarantee you absolute well-being!

THE MOST : elegance and attention to detail soucis des détails

Comfortable and elegant are not incompatible, we have never neglected one to the detriment of the other. Combining comfort, style and elegance has always been the strength of our collections. Particular attention is also paid to details. Our models are unique and recognizable to everyone thanks to their lace and embroidery.

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