Congratulations ! It's been 1 year since you got married ... And what could be more normal than wanting to mark this date!

Are you looking for an original gift for your cotton wedding? A nod to such a beautiful year that you have just experienced?

Do not hesitate, La Cotonnière, specialist in the manufacture of cotton clothing, what you need to please your spouse.

Cotton wedding

One year of marriage is an essential step in the history of your relationship and it is important to please the other while making an impression. So what could be more meaningful than gifting 100% cotton clothing?

To celebrate your cotton wedding as it should be, we have selected a part of our collection for you (just below) that will surely delight your other half! Of course, many more choices are available right HERE!

Clothing 100% cotton, 100% comfortable, 100% well-being, 100% cotton wedding, this is what La Cotonnière offers you!


Why the cotton wedding?

Each year of marriage, its anniversary, its wedding and its meaning. Over the years, the matters celebrated become more and more dense, solid and precious, representing the foundations of our relationship.

This is why the first year of marriage, the cotton wedding anniversary is celebrated: a plant material, soft and light. In fact, in the first year, ties are woven, similar to cotton threads, fragile on their own but very resistant together.

A nice gift box for the occasion

And for an additional €2, we will pack your order in a pretty gift box and enclose the sweet note of your choice !

What will delight your friend ...

Soft is love when it looks like cotton, supple, fluffy and never breaks.


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